Valencia, Spain

Bio: Sometimes in Spain, sometimes in New England, in some ways it's the best of both worlds. In some ways it's a lot of packing and unpacking and airport security. Mostly the former.

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4 thoughts on “About

    • Well this is awkward–I’ve got 2 blogs on WordPress, one I’m doing something with, lorinotes.wordpress.com, and one I set up while I was figuring out what to do, which is basically just a placeholder. I think the image you liked is the landscape behind Lori Forsyth, and I can’t take credit for it–it was the stock image in the theme. The photo I referred to in my first reply is a lovely picture, but perhaps not one you’ve seen. Feel free to come by lorinotes.wordpress.com to take a look!

      • Ah that makes sense, I thought you must have just started up! I will come over and visit your working blog, but just so you know, your link in these archivey things -> takes people to your placeholder, which can’t be ideal!

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